Apple iPhone 12 Series Fashion TPU Butterfly Phone Case iPhone 12


SKU: DYXH-1000088 Category:
Applicable Model iPhone 12
Type Back Cover
Is It Customizable? Yes
Function Anti-fall Case
Style Fashion
Category iPhone 12 Series
Department Phone Case
Popular Elements Butterfly
Craftsmanship Glue
Product Color White
Material TPU
Applicable Brands Apple
Compatible With Magsafe No

Case Material: TPU. Discover the lightweight design of our TPU Material phone case. It adds minimal weight to your device, keeping it portable and easy to carry while offering reliable protection.

Department: Phone Case. Elevate your phone’s safety with our durable case, meticulously designed to withstand impacts and scratches. Choose from a diverse range of patterns, ensuring your device remains secure without compromising on aesthetics.

Is It Customizable? Yes. Immerse yourself in the world of design with our customizable pattern phone case. Tailor your device to your liking, choosing from an array of patterns that elevate the aesthetics of your phone.

Shape: Back Cover. Discover the versatility of our Back Cover Style. Whether you prefer a clear cover that showcases the natural beauty of your device or a patterned one that adds a touch of personality, we have a wide range of options to match your style.

Style: Fashion Phone Case. Immerse yourself in the world of fashion with our fashion phone case. Whether you prefer classic prints or bold, avant-garde designs, each case is a nod to the ever-evolving trends in the fashion industry, ensuring your device is dressed in the latest looks.

Popular Elements: Butterfly. Elevate your phone’s style with our Butterfly pattern phone case. The vibrant and detailed butterfly design adds a touch of nature’s beauty to your device, while the slim profile maintains its sleekness. Crafted with precision, this case provides reliable protection against scratches and impacts. The precise cutouts ensure easy access to all buttons and ports, allowing for a seamless user experience. Let your phone flutter with beauty using our Butterfly pattern phone case.

Applicable Brand: APPLE. Secure Your Style with Our iPhone Cases. Secure your style with our carefully curated collection of iPhone cases. From classic to contemporary, our cases offer a secure embrace for your device without compromising on your personal style.

Applicable Series: iPhone 12 Series. Infuse your iPhone 12 with a touch of panache using our sleek case, carefully crafted to provide a fashionable look while ensuring optimal protection for your device.

Function: Anti-fall Case. Trust in our anti-fall function phone case to keep your device secure in any situation. Its cutting-edge design prioritizes protection, ensuring your phone remains intact even when faced with unexpected falls.

Weight 1 kg

Pearl Butterfly

Applicable Model

iPhone 12


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